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  • The renovated second floor of Barrie House at Narberth Place, a building that Main Line Rebuild made into residential space.
  • 1929 Narberth Church Born Again: Units Asking $700K - $1.1M

Main Line Company Repurposes Historic Buildings For Residential Space

By Kristen Johanson, part-time reporter, writer, and producer for KYW
POSTED: March 24, 2015

ARDMORE, Pa. (CBS) — Churches and other religious buildings have had a hard time staying afloat in recent years with economic downturn and drop in attendance rates. One Main Line company is repurposing the structures to save the historic buildings.

The Ardmore Baptist Church was built in 1923 and stood as a staple in the community for many years, before it went up for sale in 2011.

“That property had been acquired by a developer who was going to knock it down,” says Scott Brehman with Main Line Rebuild. “In fact, he had applied for a permit to demolish the building. We approached him and obviously came to terms.”

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