Best Woodturning Resources from the Internet

Welcome to our guide of the best resources available on the internet for woodturning! This ever-growing list seeks to inform and provide great options for finding the best posts, articles and videos on the web that offer high-quality instructional material and tips to enhance your woodworking skill.

We have analyzed a significant number of sources to bring you some of the most reliable and finely crafted online materials that can elevate your woodturning technique. From easy-to-follow instructions, to masterful video tutorials, and comprehensive learning tools, the options provided here should help you reach your woodworking goals.

Woodturning Websites

One excellent source for woodturning information comes from Best Resources from the Internet for Woodturning, a comprehensive blog with advice from renowned woodworking experts. In addition to informative tutorials, the site features a large resource library with everything from useful jigs to creative marking techniques. The blog’s helpful diagrams, vivid photographs, and detailed illustrations make visualizing difficult concepts easy.

Tav59’s blog is another great resource for woodturners. Offering years of experience, Tav59 utilizes both written descriptions and visual tutorials to simplify the process of woodworking activities. Working both with hand-driven equipment and more advanced machinery, Tav59’s detailed posts provide helpful insight wherever you are in your journey.

For a compendium of knowledge, check out’s wealth of information. This massive website features amicable tutorials to help you understand complex concepts, as well as FREE downloadable guides and plans to support crafting projects from beginners to experts. Every page is packed with useful tips and advice to educate individuals at all levels.

The website is your one-stop-shop for step-by-step instructions and helpful advice on turning wooden pieces. This website offers a great selection of products to chop, carve, gouge, and sand various types of wood. With its easy-to-follow videos, this is a great choice for anyone who wishes to delve into the art of woodturning.

Finally, deserves a special mention. This website provides an immersive experience into the intricate art of woodturning— its hundreds of pages include detailed explanations of the most popular projects and ways to implement them. With its beautiful photographs and finished projects, this website should provide ample inspiration for turning wooden pieces into eye-catching works of art.

We hope that this compiling of fantastic woodturning resources has not only been helpful but enjoyable! When it comes to woodturning, the best way to learn is to practice and take advantage of learning from the best instructors out there, both online and in person. All the best on your woodworking journey!

Woodturning Youtube Channels:

YouTube is a great source for learning more about woodturning. A few of our recommended channels include The Wood Whisperer and Bob Lang’s Shop Talk Live. Hosted by well-known woodworker Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer provides on-topic advice and tips for woodturning projects. Bob Lang’s Shop Talk Live is a great conversation-based series, where he talks and shares stories from his professional experiences, as well as insights from leading woodturning teachers.

For more instructional videos, Adam King’s Woodcraft and OzTurners provide helpful tutorials on woodworking techniques, tools and projects. You can also find loads of instructional content on woodturning with videos by Lathe Techniques and Mark Baker. Swing by the websites of popular woodturning teachers like Dale L. Nish, Ernie Conover, and David Reid to get access to tremendous amounts of helpful lessons.

We hope that this list of recommended videos and channels can be useful to you and help you hone your woodworking skills. Here’s wishing you all the best as you continue on your woodworking journey!

Woodturning Books:

Educational books and magazines are great resources for learning more about the craft of woodturning. One admirable piece of literature is Andy Loncom’s Woodturning: From Concept to Creation. This book is an illustrated guide for achieving success as a woodturning artist, as well as detailed instructions for turning different types of wood pieces into unique and attractive works of art.

Another great read is Jimmy Clewes’ Woodturner’s Toolbox. This wonderful book guides you through the woodturning process, from sharpening tools to executing projects. It is a trove of tips and tricks that are sure to improve your woodturning technique and make your pieces the envy of all your friends.

An illustrated masterpiece worth noting is The Essential Woodturner. Featuring 12 comprehensive chapters, author Stephen Hatcher covers detailed information on every aspect of woodturning—from safety measures to stylish finish techniques.

Finally, magazines like American Woodturner and Woodturning Design offer unprecedented insights into the craft of woodturning. Apart from instructive articles and step-by-step tutorials, these magazines are filled with beautifully photographed examples of the true masters of this craft. Who knows, maybe your project ideas will take shape after receiving inspiration from these awesome periodicals!

We truly believe that this reading list is an invaluable collection of resources for anyone wanting to improve their woodworking techniques. So, no matter where you are on your journey, use this enlightening material to make your next turning project the best one yet!

Woodturning Resources Links:

– Tav59’s blog

Youtube Channels:
– The Wood Whisperer
– Bob Lang’s Shop Talk Live
– Adam King’s Woodcraft
– OzTurners
– Lathe Techniques
– Mark Baker

– Andy Loncom’s Woodturning: From Concept to Creation
– Jimmy Clewes’ Woodturner’s Toolbox
– The Essential Woodturner

– American Woodturner
– Woodturning Design